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Red Earth Opal is the World’s only Company that both Mines and Deals rare 'Pineapple Opals' unique to White Cliffs NSW
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Not bad for a Million Years work. 

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Red Earth Opal Cafe


Red Earth Opal Cafe is open from 10am-3pm most days for delicious coffee & snacks. coffecup4a

Opal Mine Tour

Opal Mine Tour leaving from Red Earth Opal Cafe at 3pm most days.  No Booking Neccessary! Adults $20 Children $10.  Please wear enclosed shoes. minehat

Welcome to Red Earth Opal, White Cliffs Australia. We expertly bring exquisite and rare treasures up from the earth from our working Opal Mine and offer true Outback Hospitality from our hub – Red Earth Opal Cafe & Showroom. Founded by Graeme Dowton with his wife Sacha, Red Earth Opal is the World’s only Company that both Mines and Deals in the Rare and Elusive double Pseudomorph, commonly known as the White Cliffs Opal Pineapple.

Red Earth Opal Mine Tour White Cliffs NSWOur Opal Mine Tour is a must-do experience when visiting White Cliffs. Tours leave from the Cafe @ 3pm most days.  Cost is $20 Adults $10 Children.


Red Earth Opal Cafe White Cliffs NSW Red Earth Opal Cafe and Showroom is open from 10am – 3pm most days Come and grab a coffee and slice of fresh and delicious cake!

The Dowton Family (also known as White Cliffs Opal), have been mining in White Cliffs NSW since 1974.  A full blown obsession for opal and love of these highly prized and extremely rare Opal Pineapples saw Graeme come into his own in 1992. He is now sought after for his extensive knowledge and quality opal drawn expertly from the Red Earth Opal mine. White Cliffs is the only location in the world to produce this type of Opalised Mineral, making it a highly desired treasure. The ability to remove a specimen intact and with high quality Opal value is a unique skill. It is thought that since mining began in 1888, less than 200 Opalised Gendonite specimens have ever been unearthed. Fewer than half of these would be considered to hold significant Opal value and only a small number have been perfected to Gem quality Minerals.

It is no surprise then that the Dowton Collection has been a tightly guarded family secret.

Red Earth Opal was born in 2008 as Graeme and Sacha developed their confidence, experience and knowledge of the world mineral market. Through this process it became evident that it was time to address the growing interest and demand for the elusive White Cliffs Opal Pineapple. Graeme had successfully provided top quality Opal Pineapples to prestigious dealers for selling. However after almost 20 years of mining for these precious minerals and as a primary source of knowledge, it was time for Graeme and Red Earth Opal to enter the world stage as Dealers in their own right. Since 2012, Red Earth Opal has been showing at some of the world’s top Gem and Mineral Shows including Tucson, Arizona USA, Hong Kong and Australia. A permanent display can be found at Red Earth Opal Showroom, the home of the Opal Pineapple at White Cliffs Opal Field, NSW Australia. To contact us please email info@redearthopal.com

Red Earth Opal Cafe White Cliffs NSW The  White Cliffs ‘Opal Pineapple’ was originally  given it’s name by the old time miners in the 1890’s as it ‘looked like the top of a pineapple’. Today we know it as a double psuedomorph  after Ikiate formed under glacial conditions, hard to believe  when White Cliffs is located within some of Australia’s hottest, driest and remote landscape. Found within a distinct level, the higher quality pieces form in a soft sedimentary clay band along faults or around what miners call a geyser or blow. Most pieces found will either fall apart through naturally occurring fractures or will have no play of the prized opal colours. Very few miners have ever unearthed such high quality Opal Pineapples as these.

All purchase  inquiries welcome to info@redearthopal.com


Important Notice!

Dear Visitors and Guests,

Please be advised that Red Earth Opal Mine Tour and Cafe will be closed until April 1st, 2018.

Kind regards,

Graeme and Sacha

OPAL PINEAPPLE  Glenondite/Ikiate


The ‘Opal Mine Tour’ is a unique look into the early history of the Opal Field, before entering into  a working and producing opal mine. Situated within the Historic Diggings of the 1890’s, visitors get the opportunity to walk down a ramp from the surface carved through the multiple levels of diggings, to reach a depth of 45 feet. It is at this level you will see the demonstration of the mining equipment and even have a chance to dig on the mine face yourself. You too may be one of the lucky visitors who have actually discovered opal in Graeme’s mine, adding to the growing list. The Mine Tour leaves Red Earth Opal Café  @ 3pm most days.  All inquiries to info@redearthopal.com   or 08 80916900 The Cost is Adults $20  Children $10.  Please wear sturdy enclosed shoes. No bookings necessary.

Opal Mine Tour

Red Earth Opal Mine Tour Brochure

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The Red Earth Opal Café situated within the end of the Historic White Cliffs Opal Field.  Our little patch of opal heaven has been described by many as an ‘oasis in the outback’. Built by Graeme & Sacha in 2008, it showcases White Cliffs finest opal jewellery, loose cut stones and museum quality Rare Opal Pineapple. All these come from our own Red Earth Opal Mine. Come and enjoy a slice or two of freshly made cake with a hot cappuccino or tea.  You can also opt to join our Mine Tour which departs from the Cafe at 3pm on most days. The Cafe is open from 10am-3pm most days. All inquiries to info@redearthopal.com

Red Earth Opal Cafe

Red Earth Opal Cafe

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2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Red Earth Opal are so proud to showcase our latest treasures unearthed from our mine in White Cliffs Australia in the largest International display of its kind – the 2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

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International Events

Red Earth Opal proudly displays our exquisite and rare Opal collection at International Events, including the acclaimed Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. We welcome inquiries from all International Buyers.

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