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'Mystique' Opal Pineapple

'Mystique' Opal Pineapple

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'Mystique' is a very interesting and incredibly unique Opal Pineapple. 

When it was unearthed it lifted back where it had been embedded in its host ground. Often when this happens it can be a disappointing moment. With this particular specimen the process turned out to be a blessing as it revealed its inner magic of this deep vibrant mesmerising electric blue. 

'Mystique' shows colour incredible blues like we have not seen before. It has many sharp points and flashes of bright green at different angles.

The Opal content and colour within this piece is highly prized as Opal material without the added Opal Pineapple structure. A fabulous inclusion for any Opal Collector.

Rare as the Opal Pineapples are, ones like this with a dark base, you can count on one hand. Here at REO we have never seen these colour depths outside of Our mine and only now at the end of the unearthing in this area as we prepared to close the Mine.

PA 0347

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