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Large Crystal Lady

Large Crystal Lady

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Beautiful craved crystal lady torso.

Chevron Amethyst - Is a balancing stone that connects the Third Eye to the Crown. The purple in chevron amethyst opens up the spiritual and psychic channels while the white energises and harmonises the body and mind

Pyrite - Also known as Fools Gold keeps us strong, stable, and free from the shackles of control.

Opalite - Is not a real gemstone because its man made and does not occur in nature, although you can still use this stone as a colour therapy as it helps to clear the mind, thereby reducing fatigue and increasing energy.

White Howlite - Teaches patience and helps eliminate rage, pain and stress. 

Height 8cm  Widest point 4cm  Widest depth 3cm

*All crystals are unique & vary slightly in size & colour.

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