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Dendritic Agate Statement piece

Dendritic Agate Statement piece

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Dendritic Agate Statement Piece. This is a beautiful large mineral specimen. It shows the lovely Dendritic colours flowing through it and the gorgeous earthy natural host rock on the back.

Dendritic Agate's meaning revolves around protection and clarity. Piercing through the fog of illusion, this stone helps us to see the truth of any situation. Particularly useful for those always beset by low self-esteem, Dendritic Agate helps dispel any negative thoughts or behaviours holding us back from our true potential.

From a spiritual perspective, Dendritic Agate is deeply connected to the Earth. Its energies are grounding and stabilising, anchoring us to the physical world and helping us to stay present in the here and now. 

H: 20 x W: 19 x D: 5cm   Weight: kg


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