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Beach Vibes Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid

Beach Vibes Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid

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Beautiful handmade Crystal Grids, available in Gold and Silver. 

Dreamy beach house aesthetic feels full of water views and sunshine... These water hued crystals catch the light and bring a sense of tranquility and calm to your space. This crystal grid bases to allow the energy of the crystals to travel out like lightwaves in your environment! Hope they bring bright light to shine into your space.

 Crystals - 

Aura Quartz - for strength and light and to balance your aura.

Blue Calcite -  brings serenity, relieves anxiety, eases communication.

Aquamarine- for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity.

Amazonite- brings luck, dispels negativity, and has soothing effects on the nervous system.

Dimensions- 8-9" diameter

Weight-  200gms

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