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Jaagriti Polymer Bead Necklace

Jaagriti Polymer Bead Necklace

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This beautiful coloured necklace will add a gorgeous pop of colour to any outfit. All beads are handmade with Love!

Nepali, jaagriti means awakening and these necklaces hold a special place in our heart. They have often been made for people who are enduring hard times as a wish for strength, courage and… awakening. The necklace is a combination of hand rolled polymer clay beads in colours mixed by the ladies to our special recipes. The beads are combined with strands of coordinating seed beads called poté, the traditional Nepal wedding beads.

Purchasing this Samunnat jewellery contributes to the uplifting of strong Women and it is a Gift that gives twice!

Sacha is passionate about Samunnat and the ladies who make these gorgeous pieces. She has traveled to Nepal to spend time with the Ladies and develop a deeper connection.

REO is proud to support the work that those at Samunnat do empowering the women in Nepal who have experienced violence or abuse so that they can rebuild their lives.

Samunnat Inc is based in Australia and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

L 80cm No Clasp

*Please note all beads are handmade therefore size, colour & pattern may vary slightly.

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