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'Bifröst' - Opal Pineapple

'Bifröst' - Opal Pineapple

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Bifröst' Opal Pineapple is a spectacular specimen of excellent shape and multiple colours. Bifrost means 'Rainbow Bridge' in Norse mythology.

Here at REO we feel this is the perfect name for this gorgeous piece showcasing rainbow colour plays from all angles.

We left this Opal Pineapple in the host rock as a platform to showcase and lift up this amazing piece. 

This Opal Pineapple is a one of a kind Collectors Statement piece.

Weight - 970gms

PA 0970

* Note this piece has had a small repair and price is indicative of this.

( Please note price for high end specimens is provided through enquiring. )

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Phone : 0488 965 282

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