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Pink Amethyst Heart

Pink Amethyst Heart

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Simply beautiful Pink Amethyst Crystal Heart with druzy throughout and multiple other rare colours. 

A showpiece to highlight natures beauty and true appreciation for a very labour intensive task that requires a huge amount of skill and precision an elegant crystal gifted by the earth. 

Pink Amethyst is the stone of emotional healing. Welcoming love and giving live, opening your heart to relationships and friendships. Healing old wounds, allowing trust and new relationships to flourish. It provides calmness and comfort during overwhelming situations. It promotes a positive self image and encourages one to be kind, gentle and compassionate with themselves and others. Its high vibration cleanses the aura and clears the mind of negative thought patterns. Pink Amethyst provides protection against negative energies and entities. Placed over the Heart Chakra during relaxation, it can aid in releasing emotional traumas.

Sits on a black metal stand which is included but can detach. 

W: 19 x H:16 X D3.5cm With Stand H: is 23cm 

Heart Weight only - 6kgs 

*Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals that have formed over the top of a base mineral.

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