Photography & Information

Photography and Information

The images on this website are entirely the intellectual property of Red Earth Opal. The images of products on this site are representations and should be treated us such.

Due to photographic techniques and the unique nature of Opal, variation in stone colour is inevitable. Products may appear larger or smaller than actual size, while also displaying slight variations in colour.

We have provided approximate measurements of the opal for each product to assist you.

Moreover, due to the nature of our jewellery, we have used the photography to show the intricacies and selling points of our products, this can also alter the size or scale at which the product is represented.

Nowhere in this website has Red Earth Opal deliberately intended to visually misrepresent our products.

We do our very best to ensure that the information featured on this site is as accurate as possible and provides all of the information necessary for ease of ordering.

We reserve the right to alter the designs of those featured in the online store and we will of course up-date the web site from time to time in line with this.

We reserve the right to change the availability of products featured on the online store at any time.