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Barbara Gasch Statement Necklace

Barbara Gasch Statement Necklace

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This spectacular and unique necklace is a one of a kind Statement piece.

It shows the beauty of opal in its rough and natural form. Most opal jewellery is cut and polished to its perfection, this piece however highlights the natural raw beauty as nature delivered it.

Barbara the Artist has used the technique of Electroforming to wrap each stone in its own unique way enhancing its magic. 

This piece has 3 baby Belemnites (opalised fossil squid) attached to the middle statement opal stone ensuring that this is a world renown work. 

Barbara is an Internationally acclaimed Goldsmith and Artisan.

Born in Germany, Barbara traveled to Australia in her 40's on a journey of exploration and found herself in the unlikely outback town of White Cliffs, NSW. She fell in love with the underground homes and was fascinated by the Opal miners tunnels.

Captivated by its uniqueness Barbara bought herself a Dugout and began a new creative journey.

Unavailable for sale - This piece is currently held in REO's Private Collection.

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