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'Glacial Melt' Opal Pineapple

'Glacial Melt' Opal Pineapple

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'Glacial Melt' is a fabulous Opal Pineapple specimen. 

It has excellent crystal structure demonstrating the original Ikiate points. This piece has some translucent parts that allow us to see into the specimen. It also has the rare 'Dalmatian' colour pattern of the black and white base colours mixing together.

This Opal Pineapple reminds of us of the way that the Earths waters and soils unite to create interesting frozen glacial mountains. At the end of each Winter as the melt starts the glacier begins its release.  

'Glacial Melt' is a wonderful piece to add interest to any collection.

Weight 303gms

( P ) 1303

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