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'PAC-MAN' Opal Pineapple

'PAC-MAN' Opal Pineapple

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The 'Pac Man' Opal Pineapple is a unique specimen perfect for the Collector of interesting pieces. Something a bit quirky and beautiful in its own special way!

This piece reminds the REO Family of the incredibly successful Pac Man video game where the little guy chomps away at the power pellets and ghosts as he moves around the maze!

Pac Man was unearthed just as it is and is kept in its host earth to maintain its structural integrity. It has great points and shows some striking flashes of purple Opal.

A wonderful Opal Pineapple for the Collector looking for something different and a talking point for anyone who loved the Pac Man Game!

Weight - 01000gms

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