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'Pastel Purples' - Opal Pineapple Segment

'Pastel Purples' - Opal Pineapple Segment

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'Pastel Purples' are mini Opal Pineapple segments.

These pieces vary in their shapes but all show points from their original Ikiate crystal formation. They all have lovely purple tones of Opal colour showing from various angles. The smaller one displays deeper tones and has some green flashes as well.

Opal Pineapple segments are an opportunity for Collectors to add an incredibly rare mineral to their collection. 

Less than 300 fully intact Opal Pineapples have ever been unearthed. More often than not through the complexity of the Earths formation over 100's of millions of years the crystal structure fractures and shift apart. When this happens we are left with these gorgeous small segments. 

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